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We're Doomed Captain Mannering

Its funny how the Green Message is marginalized by many to 'We're Doomed', and its no wonder people just don't want to listen to the finger wagging Greenies who tell us that our way of life has a limited shelf life.

People have told me that my own 'green man' face looks like a grumpy old man covered in leaves and can't I make it a bit more smiley? Nicey it up a bit? Excuse me, the Green Man has a right to be a bit fed up ! Not many people choose to practically face the reality that we are presently using up 5 planets worth of resources and that we are stealing a future from our children and their children. Hardly anyone seems to be giving up their cars because global warming is drowning everyone in Pakistan and many people in China and Louisiana.

The guilt is just too much to bear for most people and the consensus seems to be 'Steady As She Goes' 'if we can just get the economy back on track than everything will be just fine. Our Government, and increasing ourselves, exist to service the National Debt and become full time bean counters, justifying every action and every moment financially.

How we still seem to be ignoring the cracks in this leviathan of a system I just don't know.

Pension annuities have decreased by nearly half over the past 15 years and there are going to be some very disappointed pensioners who have spent their lives in work for very little return.

Recently the Institute of Economic Affairs has calculated the National Debt is £4.8 trillion, rather than the mere £2 trillion estimated in 2009. That's now £78,000 for every person in the UK.

As for the derivatives market, money people think they are going to make on stuff they have bet on in the future, this runs into hundreds of trillions of dollars and the world's economic output is just $66 trillion. That one hasn't even come home to roost yet !

Our whole economic system is based on the fatal flaw of using its assets, the resources of Mother Earth, as income. It has been pillaging the earth we share, and its people, to turn a profit for just a few. We have stored up nothing for the future and continue to mess our own doorstep.

And still the machine trundles blindly on towards the precipice and for all of us this spells STRESS in huge letters 20 foot high.

One way out of the STRESS associated with cultural self-destruction is to gently but firmly disassociate from the system as much as is possible. Choose voluntary simplicity. Co-operate with others and share resources. Recycle, re-use, repair and whatever the other one was! Grow your own food. Work just enough. When the CSA took my teaching career in 2002 I resolved to 'opt out' of the system as much as I could, and now I'm glad (actually I might put a smile on the Green Man).

The great curse of money is that being conscious of it all the time removes us from existing in the moment. We are either justifying our existence for the 'machine', or planning how we might get by next month or purchase the next 'object of desire'. Money clearly puts us in the past or the future, never in the now. Consciousness of money destroys our ability to enjoy life in the moment. (Or to put it another way: 'For the love of money is the root of all evil').

So, my opinion is that we are not doomed at all. It is the awful system that we inhabit that makes slaves of us all and reduces our environment to landfill in order to generate profit.

Joy, enjoyment of life, fun, transcendence, laughter: the things that make life worth living exist in the moment and we are blessed with hundreds of ways to find that moment. So put the accounts away for a while, forget about the guilt of your wealth and go out to connect with the Universe. It's waiting for you now.
Simon Mitchell
Posted Sep 2, 2010   
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