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The Magic Book

Have you ever fallen asleep while reading a book - but gone on reading  while in dream mode ? This unusual experience led to 'The Magic Book’,  a visualisation exercise for people who like the written word.

The Magic Book

It was seamless. That moment between being awake and falling asleep. I was reading for several pages when my conscious mind somehow realised that my eyes were shut, and woke me up. Somehow my mind had simply ‘made up’ the story that I was sleep-reading.


What if you could harvest the incredible powers of the mind in this inventiveness? In a quantum universe every single thing is connected. Some facet of ourselves knows the answers to everything, even if it can appear in our conscious minds only as a metaphor. It appears that the mind can even write books without any conscious control - and still make sense!


When my next door neighbour, an elderly lady, moved to a flat without stairs she gave me a few books. One is titled 'Enquire Within Upon Everything' - the 113th edition, A Herbert Jenkins Book, dated 1931. 2362 different bits of information on how to live life in the 1930s. If only it were that simple now!


Putting the 'dream reading' and 'Enquire Within' together it wasn’t long before I found the idea for a visualisation called ‘The Magic Book’. The book of everything that makes all other books redundant. The ultimate ebook. It resides within your mind and gives you access to infinity. What will we do with all our shelf space ?


I have provided an illustration of The Magic Book below for visualisation purposes.


Approach it carefully and stand in front of the now redundant shelves.


Look at the book in your mind’s eye and know that it contains all information.


Shut your eyes and think deeply ‘What is it that I need to know ?’


If any questions come to you, ask them out loud to the book.


It doesn't matter if you can't think of a question, because the book knows what you need to know anyway.


Then take it down from the shelf, open it and read what it says.


The Magic Book


If you get a clear visualisation, all well and good. The ‘solution’ or answer may appear as a kind of puzzle that needs solving. Metaphor is the language of the unconscious. One reason for this is because our conscious minds are not usually as good at holding patterns as our intuition.


If it doesn’t work and you get no message, it doesn’t matter - there are all sorts of reasons for ‘noise’. Try again later, or do something else.

Posted Feb 2, 2006   
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