Earth and World Healing Meditation

I was walking down from Bob’s Enchanted Croft to Penpoll Creek, to check my kayak was alright, when this lady called Pam jumped out of the hedge and invited me to a party on her land to celebrate her husband’s, David’s birthday.


Before I knew where I was, I was involved in an Earth and World Healing Meditation in their cabin, which I reprint here with David Stringer’s permission because it was rather fun.

Earth and World Healing Meditation [1]

After such a seeming endless long dark night [2] of chaos, sacrilege and devastation,

Reeked across our planet by every Nation because of our blind human neglect

Of, for each other and all life, compassion through myriad wars and exploitation,

Of the precious soil, deforestation, global warming, near annihilation

Of untold species, we come to that brink over which so many into despair can sink,

So much to heal, so much harm to repair, we who, in these, our sacred sanctuaries, foregather

To dedicate our love and light and lives, to put an end to all further dearth and strife,

As, within this forest, consecrated to peace, to re-spread its sacred Light to within all men’s hearts.

Whereby we can all, at last, become a part of ways of life of non-violence,

Our lost primal Edens to restore, as made by our Creator, to last for evermore,

To remake, renew, Adam’s ancient covenant with Divine Creation, seeking enlightenment

To guide us along the paths of the restoration of wholeness throughout this and every nation,

To each do the little that we can do, to the spirit of all life’s sacredness true,

To be exemplars to all others till all living beings become as sisters and brothers

Again in one universal family in which all life forms respected be!

For our smallest action, according to how tis done, has its ripple-impact on all life’s karmic web

In time and space, causing either harm or good spreading the light or perpetuating night,

So may all that we do or think or dedicate with a prayer to our creator whose miracles we contemplate

So to bring blessings with all we do with our hands we who life’s interactions understand

Every plant or tree planted, sown or let grow, a microcosmic paradise to some creatures we know

Thus, millions of hands, guided by love can this our earth life heal wherever we move or be,

In our daily endeavors and lives till all for all shall become as paradise!

Let not this peace be but a brief respite from survival’s struggle’s terror stalked night,

But may it out from our sanctuaries flow out across the world to all we know

Who still the effects of harm we’ve done suffer and as we heal ourselves,

Even as we [3] heal each other empowered by the Great Spirits energy that flows through all the life that around, in us, we see!


[1] I differentiate here between Earth and World, as while the former obviously refers to the billions of years old Planetary Creation, the latter no more than The Sphere of Men (Saxon – Wer-Old) no more than, at most, two million years old, and, once, but a tiny colony on a vast and infinite Creation, though those whose Consciousness is trapped inside its alienated-from-nature cities (Greek – poloi) and Politics can get mixed up in their mind-sets! This difference, in itself, can offer us help when we realise that our ‘destructions’ are an aberration, which can be healed and rebalanced by the former greater Infinite & Eternal Natural Sphere whence we draw all our creative powers for good or ill!

[2] Night can be interpreted, here on several different levels in body, mind, soul and Spirit, as either physical, ecological destruction, ‘dark attitudes of mind’ such as hatred, distrust, fear and prejudice of a ‘dark night of the soul’ as a cynical spiritual nihilism that can lead to more tangible manifestations of ‘evil’, an existential Inner Experience that could affect any one of us – again, ironically, a sign of hope, as if some can see the Light in darkness, so can others – indeed some only come to see ‘The Light of Guidance from Spirit’ once plunged into darkness!

[3] By ‘We’ I mean the entire human race, in all its generations, past and present, rather than those specifically gathered in our Healing Circles. We may, indirectly, in our own origins, have ‘benefited’ from the ‘poisoned fruits’ of ations and attitudes that have harmed both men and the Earth, as, for example, as a child, my comfort and security depended on the ‘Wages from environmental degradation’ on the fringes of a much-polluted town and city of coal mines and iron foundries (though this was hardly the choice of the toil-worn-out workers, our fathers and forefathers)! While I did not question, when young, the eating of slaughtered creatures as nutrition, this being made acceptable by the inherited habits of my elders, who were ‘good people’, so it would not be appropriate to be ‘holier than thou’ and seeing ourselves as somehow separate from the overall caste of out collective socio-economic and political dramas! This again offers hope in the sense that if we can change our attitudes and lifestyles from those that harm to those that heal and make whole, so can others.

David Allen Stringer (13.8.06)

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