The politics of energy

Who owns our energy? In the normal course of things our political systems have come to tax us for a percentage of the energy we spend in work – through using money.
The more successful we are in ‘work’ – relating to the economy – the more energy the government of the day can take. Added to this system are local taxes, invisible taxes, stealth taxes, property taxes and so on.
Have you ever considered in terms of a ‘percentage of our energy expressed through paid work’ – how much the system itself takes ? Everything we buy, our travel costs, food, clothes – all taxed. 50% would be a conservative guestimate probably more like 60%. That’s more than half the time at least that we spend in work to feed a system we don’t like with our energy. No wonder people get ill.

The more our energy is involved with the economy, the more our energy is taxed – taking money for a whole host of things we may not approve of but hopefully a few things you do. In the world of work we are mostly tied into a system that takes our energy and does things with it that we don’t like. Our success in life is often defined as how well we prosper within this system. And to do that there are certain questions we have to stop asking, such as ‘Where is all this energy going’? or ‘What’s it actually doing’?.

What if the system is screwed up and we are on a conveyor belt to planetary self-destruction. What if you want to get off ? This is very difficult because we are all investors by default in this system, even just by having a bank account.

Like most of us here at the Starfields network I am interested in consciousness shifting / raising, helping people into an exciting paradigm of energy and holistic healing. My tools for this are mainly writing and image creating. My mission involves promoting truth and beauty using creativity. Like many of us here I see myself as primarily a spiritual being, manifesting at a physical level, rather than the other way round.

It is important to continually adapt (heal) in response to the changing conditions about us. It is a healthy activity to understand ourselves vibrationally and to seek balance and imbalance as we need it. But will global warming be changed by simply vibrating right! I doubt it – surely we need to refuse to use our cars and fridges and other ozone destroyers and polluters to do this and even so the situation won’t even start stabilise until 2060.

So will ‘vibrating right’ help to save the 23,000 people in the US killed by road traffic accidents every year. I doubt it but not driving might help. What about the 20,000 Indians who die every year as a result of exposure to cotton pesticides. Will vibrating right help them? No but choosing where we source our clothes from might.

And what about the pharmaceutical industries, can we vibrate them out of getting a profit by poisoning our children? I doubt it – they’ve just walked right in and are taking everybody’s health while we’re just sitting there vibrating.

What about the banks? In order to feed ourselves physically we have invented money that is held in banks. As soon as we enter this system we are investors by default in slavery, child prostitution, armaments, pharmaceutical industries, deforestation, criminality, and so on – everything that money does. And so the hypocrisies of a being with spiritual intent, manifested at a physical level go on and on (ooh the shame). But there are many ways that we can take our energy out of this system but it means being aware and informed enough to make conscious choices.

Resurgence magazine recently quotes Thomas Berry:
· the glory of the human has become the devastation of the earth
· the devastation of the earth appears to be our destiny
· all human institutions, programs, activities and practices are to be judged by the ‘great work’ they will have to accomplish towards developing a viable human-earth relationship.

So do we just sit here raising our consciousnesses and continue to let it all happen? Do we go out and grab all the money we can now to get a fallout shelter ? Do we join the survivalists and go out burying tins of baked beans across the countryside after dark and learn rabbit recipes? Or do we free up our energy to find new ways of being that don’t literally cost the earth?